Join us in Paris on March 16-17, 2017,
for the higher education and research fair


The annual meeting of French higher education (HE) and research institutions : current information, debates, meetings and exchanges on HE developments, and social and economic issues.

The goalsDRH_low

  • To gather the stakeholders of research, innovation and training (higher educational and research institutions, corporations and business federations, start-up…),
  • To widen the understanding of structures, policies, trends and developments in higher education and research
  • To share best practices, give feed-back or capitalise on experiments
  • To connect different networks through exclusive meetings

5 000 participants in 2016 : 3 800 professionals, 1 200 students (Masters, PhD)

=> A major French HE exhibition with, since its inception, an international dimension


Among the “In/Out” themes : How to attract talent, make a difference, create resources ?

Reception conditions and services : what kinds of investments do international campuses require ?

  • What are the international standards for an attractive campus (accomodation, digital equipemnts, educational tools)
  • Welcoming and following-up on students, researchers and their families
  • Ways and means to make things easier : regulations, support agencies, etc.
    à CIUP, CNOUS, Université de Lyon, Campus France, SBE, etc.

The international visibility of our institutions :
how attractive are French training and research establishments ?

  • What are the synergies between HE institutions and their territories ? Could promoting the academic excellence of French campuses make them better assets for regional and local authorities? How to use them ?
  • The impact of rankings : are they as important as French people think they are ? Best practices, strategies …
  • “Run with the pack” : the best way to gain weight on the international stage ? Using university networks (N8, COMUE, LERU, etc.), delegation visits, PSL lobbying on rankings institutions, etc. better.
  • Using international employers brands to better effect ?

New tools

  • Digital and other new ways of going worldwilde :
    what are the innovative and most effective teaching methods ?
  • How to better promote your international collaborations, and those of others ?

Corporations : how should they continue to track the best foreign studients after graduation ?

  • How French and other companies best use foreign students (work experience, legal status, etc.) ?
    What are the common opportunities ? à Erasmus Mundus, Campus France, etc.

Migrants : should France train refugee students ? How to make the best of this opportunity ?

Among the “In/Out” themes

Export training and build research collaborations : what are the winning strategies ?
What are the best models ?

  • Satellite campuses / exchange programmes / exported diplomas (France stratégie)
  • The new training hubs : Singapour, Casablanca, the Middle East, Shanghai …
  • The “Bachelor” : a newcomer to France, the new international Grail ? A more legible system ?
  • Research contracts with outsider scientists / LabCom
  • The keys to fostering more and better South-South and other triangular collaborations (IRD).

Export training through digital devices

  • Digital Campuses : Brittany, UBL – Lebanon, Ivory Coast
  • WebLabs and MOOCs
  • E-learning : a new frontier for French institutions ? Certifications, distance graduation, business models, which languages depending on what the goals are, etc.
  • Case studies : FutureLearn (UK), Cnam … .

Assets and barriers : fees, languages, certifications, etc.

How French institutions help start-ups and innovative SMEs going global ? Which support for and by which academic structures ? (FrenchTech hubs, BPI, competiivity clusters, CCI,…) ?


Events Director
Karine JACOV
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R&I Business Manager
Fatima-Zohra HENICHE
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AEF is a professional digital press group that produces highly specialised information, notably in the fields of education, university instruction and research ; training, including adult retraining ; human ressources and social protection ; employability and professional insertion ; sustainable development and corporate social responsability.

More than 80 journalists produce AEF information, with press correspondants in all major administrative domains.
2 000 organisations and 20 000 décision-makers subscribe to AEF press releases, with more than 100 000 readers.

AEF organises major French events such as : 

  • RUE, the Higher Education and Research Fair (since 2008)
  • Jeunes d’Avenirs”, the employment and training event for NEETs (Not in Education,      Employment or Training), 13 000 visitors
  • Admission Post Bac, the Higher Education Guidance Fair, 47 000 visitors
  • Nouvelle Vie professionnelle, about job mobility and retraining.
  • and many other symposia and topical meetings